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Effect of Orthotics on Running

Orthotic insoles are highly effective for runners in maintaining foot stability and providing additional shock absorption. As running generates a lot of shock when the heel strikes the ground, orthotic insoles designed for runners can absorb this shock and protect the lower leg joints. Podiapro’s running insoles also have propulsion under the forefoot to give your run a mild boost and flexibility to your forefoot. 76% of runners who used Podiatech’s custom made insoles in a survey felt the insoles helped in pain relief and 90% of the participants were satisfied with the results of the orthoses.

Podiapro’s orthotic insoles correct excessive foot pronation and supination in static and dynamic conditions and protect the feet from sprains and injuries. Every runner must have a pair of orthotics in their shoes for protection and posture stabilization.

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Effect or Orthotics on Metatarsalgia

This study has shown that orthotic insoles had a positive influence on pain in almost 80% cases of metatarsalgia. The vast majority of the patients were satisfied or very satisfied in terms of comfort, perspiration, weight of the orthotics and foot stability. Foot orthotics are effective in reducing pain in cases of metatarsalgia.

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Effect of Orthotics on Gait Parameters

Plantar orthotics have shown to have significant reductions in contact time and double contact time. However, there was no statistically significant effect on walking speed, pace length or walking-cycle length. They are therefore likely to improve the performance of subjects when used. Lateral reinforcements to the orthotic insoles are likely to reduce the pronosupination movements of the rear foot.

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Effect of Orthotics on Postural Control

Wearing thermoformed plantar orthotics increases plantar pressure at the arches and distributes this pressure more effectively, thereby apparently encouraging an increase in the neuromuscular activity involved. Moreover, the stiffness of the insole may result in better tactile return.

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Effect of Orthotics on Treadmill Walking

Custom moulded foot orthoses cause a different activation of the muscle chains. Read the data file for more details.

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