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Running man
Podiapro’s custom moulded running insoles are excellent for every runner. They are made with Noene at the heel to facilitate increased shock absorption and a special material at the forefoot that aids propulsion. These insoles are made from extremely light materials so that they don’t add to the weight of your shoes. The top layer of these insoles is a top-of-the-line Evalene of high density and is extremely smooth to touch.

The unique combination of the 6 materials that are used in the design and fabrication of our running insoles support the foot through all 3 stages of the gait cycle – taligrade, plantigrade and digitigrage. Podiapro’s running insoles are tailor made to assist the biomechanics of running and are ideal for runners who want increased comfort and protection from common running injuries including knee pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, sore feet, heel pain, calf pain, lower back pain, etc.

They correct excessive foot pronation or supination if any and normalize your foot posture while in static or dynamic conditions.Click Effect of Orthotic Insoles on Running for more information on common running injuries and how custom made orthotic insoles can help.


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