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Golf is a sport which requires a host of controlled and at times complex range of movements in order to achieve the optimum or ‘perfect’ swing. This golf swing puts a high amount of stress on the body which can affect the feet, knees, hip and back. Low back pain and knee pain are common injuries a lot of golfers suffer from. The reasons vary from poor technical form to excessive time spent walking on the course from one hole to the other.

The primary role of the foot in the golf swing is to provide balance and orientation of the body throughout the swing. A slight degree of misalignment can dramatically affect your ability to build a ‘repetitive swing.’ This is a fundamental element in becoming a more consistent golfer and one which is constantly overlooked.

A Podiapro custom golf insole will stabilize your feet, evenly distribute weight, reduce postural fatigue and most importantly improve the overall comfort. The custom insoles will help control motion through the foot and effectively increase the efficiency of the linkage of lower limb and torso. For golf shoes, this comfortable module that features a Noene pad at the rear foot for optimum cushioning. Provides protection against pressure on the first metatarsal head during the swing. Rear and mid-foot reinforcements provide optimum biomechanical guidance during the approach phases.

Endorsed by J-J Rivet, biomechanist for the French golf team and director of the Biomechanics and Sport Performance Department at the European Tour Performance Institute.


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