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Football / Rugby

Rugby player

The foot comprises 26 bones and 20 muscles, all of which work together to align the lower body, provide balance and support the entire structural frame. Football, the world’s most popular team sport is also responsible for a lot of lower body injuries. Podiapro’s football insoles are good for players to achieve stability, shock absorption and get a better grip on the uneven and soft terrain. Our football insoles will help you make clean cuts with confidence and provide much needed protection to your feet.
For football and rugby shoes, this thin module featuring a forefoot pad protects the stud zone. Special reinforcements guide the foot during the acceleration and change-of-direction phases. At the rear foot a Podiane pad provides optimum shock absorption during braking and landing phases on hard surfaces.

These insoles are designed for players of football (soccer) and rugby.The base module as seen below will be custom moulded for your feet to provide the right amount of arch support, heel support and to provide more even weight distribution on the soles of your feet.

Endorsed by Jonathan Draper, a member of the British Chiropody and Podiatry Association who currently works with a range of professional sport clubs, including Premiership and Championship Football Clubs, Super League Rugby and County Cricket Teams.

Rugby-Football insole

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