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Cricket is a sport that involves standing, walking, running and sprinting. This also means that multi-directional forces are exerted on the feet due to the high impact of the feet striking the ground. Cricket matches last an entire day or even days at a stretch and they put a massive amount of stress on the feet, knees and calves. Fast bowlers are prone to getting excessively tired feet as their feet go through maximum wear and tear as they charge ahead towards the crease with high momentum, land on one foot with a high amount of stress and then come to a sudden halt. They absolutely need to protect their feet with the right amount of cushioning and shock absorption.

Today, crickets spend a lot of time on strength training and conditioning. These activities place tremendous strain on the feet and can cause aches and pains or even injury. Our cricket insoles are designed and then custom moulded to absorb this shock, stabilize the heel and prevent injuries.

Cricket Insole

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