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Podiapro believes in collaboration in order to leverage expertise, specialization and best practices. We have carefully selected our partners such that support our philosophy of customer delight, fairness and quality. Here are our partners who support us in our endeavor.

Podiatech | www.podiatech.com
Podiapro has an exclusive tie up with Podiatech, France, to procure and market their technology, equipment and material all over India. Podiatech is a Sidas group brand. Sidas is a company that provides the best technology for every kind of foot, every activity, every season. They are a multimillion Euro company operating out of Voiron, France. We are pleased to have them on board as our technology partner.

Podiatech is a Sidas company
Podiatech is a Sidas company. Sidas makes a concerted effort to minimize impact on the environment by following an eco-responsible product in the entire product lifecycle.

Forte Wellness | www.fortewellness.in
Podiapro has an exclusive tie up with Forte Wellness, an Indian entity involved with the marketing of nutritional supplements in both India and abroad. Forte Wellness exclusively markets Podiapro as the premiere provider of biomechanical solutions for the feet.

Gold Healthcare | www.goldhealthcare.in
Gold Healthcare, leader in mobile diagnostics especially Bone Mineral Density, has partnered with Forte Wellness to offer foot scanning services to their clients. Podiapro provides foot scanning analysis services to evaluate foot posture.

Orthofoot | www.orthofoot.in
Orthofoot was what we were called earlier and we offered only pathological insoles. Orthofoot is now a part of Podiapro which brings both pathological (medical) and sport specific insoles to India.

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