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A range of quality, reliable and high-tech equipment for making plantar orthotics.
Our equipment is developed by Sidas’s R&D department and designed and assembled in Europe (CE standard), enabling us to be extremely reactive in adapting our machines to meet your expectations.

Mobilab II Pack

The Mobilab 2 is a compact and high quality equipment for heating and thermo-welding orthotics.
It’s equipped with a touch-sensitive multipurpose control panel, (3-settings for heating time and temperature), one heating and vaccum platform and two external vacuum outlets.
The 2 external vaccum outlets can be used with the Podiatech specific moulding techniques (vacuum bags and vacuum socks). Optionally, a pedal can be attached for operating the vacuum pump with the foot. The pack consists of Mobilab, 2 silicon bags and a vacuum control device.

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PrintLab 2

Two separate silicone vacuum bags filled with micro balls connected to a built-in vacuum pump with filter.
The Print labĀ® 2 can be used to set each foot imprint separately and obtain better stability during insole moulding. The machine is protected by a safety device which automatically interrupts the power if a problem arises.

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H Lab

The H Lab cover exerts constant pressure on the heated area, guaranteeing uniform heat distribution throughout the surface of the orthotic.

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