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Flat Foot

Flat Feet




Flat feet (also called pes planus or fallen arches) is a medical condition in which the arch of the foot has fallen or collapsed because of which the entire sole of the foot cones into contact with the ground. When the arches collapse, the feet lose their shock absorption capability and this can add strain to the ankle and can cause foot pain, knee pain, lower back pain. A patient of flat feet is likely to get tired sooner when walking or running.

When the arches collapse, the ankle rolls inwards when the person stands or walks. This can add strain to the connecting muscles and ligaments as they stretch a lot more than what they normally do.

Some people have flat feet due to a developmental fault during childhood. Others develop flat feet due to a weakening of the muscles in the foot due to aging, pregnancy, being overweight, incorrect footwear.

At Podiapro, we design insoles that are anti-pronation. They have the right amount of arch support needed by your feet, medial rear foot postings and a heel cup for heel stabilization. They hold your feet in the neutral posture and provide support by holding up your arches. The Noene in the insoles absorbs shock and these insoles provide relief and comfort to your tired feet.

It’s very important for the orthoses to flex slightly under the feet of the patient as the patient walks. If the arch is too rigid, it will hurt. If it is too flexible, it will collapse with the patient’s weight and won’t provide support to the arch.

We have special insoles for children as well which are not very rigid. However, we do not recommend insoles for children up to 7 years old as their arches are likely to naturally develop. The child should be encouraged to step out and play and as this will exercise the feet and develop the arches.

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