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A corn (heloma) is an area of thickened skin tissue on the foot or on top of the toes usually caused due to irritation and friction from a bony prominence. Corns become inflamed due to constant friction with shoes. Corns that form between toes are called soft corns and could get infected. Corns can press on a nerve below and cause pain.

Corns form when the pressure point against the skin traces an elliptical or semi-elliptical path during the rubbing motion, the center of which is at the point of pressure, gradually widening.

Corns are caused when pressure points against the skin are created by abnormal friction (instability or over-pronation) occurring between a bony prominence and the soft tissue between the toes. Over-pronation causes hypermobility of the foot which can cause the skin to get trapped between bony areas of the foot and the footwear. If not checked for a long time, this can lead to the skin thickening itself for protection against irritation and that’s how the corn develops.

Podiapro’s orthotic insoles stabilize the foot and correct excessive foot pronation thus reducing the friction between the corn and bony prominence acting on it. With specialized medical poron to offload weight in the area of the corn, our insoles will bring relief from pain and help the healing process. Podiapro’s insoles can also be further customized to completely offload pressure under the corn and redistribute it to the surrounding areas. They are an excellent rehabilitation aid for post-surgery patients who have got their corns removed.

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