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The foot is one of the most important parts of the body. The feet, together, help you stand and move. They provide your body with mobility and balance. They carry the entire weight of your body as you stand or walk or run. However, the feet are also the most neglected part of the body when it comes to personal care.

Your feet have a mechanism that is quite complex. They comprise a number of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments. All of these work together to support the two primary functions of the foot:

Shock Absorption & Propulsion

The arch of the foot creates a shock absorbing mechanism that absorbs shock as you walk, run, jump or play a sport. However, when the arches collapse, mainly due to excessive foot pronation, the foot loses its shock absorbing capabilities and the shock starts hitting your ankles, knees, hip, lower back. Furthermore, when the arches collapse, your ankle-knee-hip alignment gets affected. This alteration of foot mechanics can be a cause of pain in your lower back too. Podiapro designs orthoic insoles that are anti-pronation and anti-supination.

The forefoot area that is more commonly known as the ‘balls of the feet’ is responsible for propulsion – to move the body forward. Even this region is subject to excessive wear and tear since it propels the entire body weight forward when walking or running. A person is estimated to walk the distance equivalent to the circumference of the earth in his lifetime. As the foot and calf muscles tire due to years of wear and tear, you could experience pain in your heels, arches, forefoot, ankle, calves, knees, lower back.

Podiapro’s orthotic insoles will redistribute your plantar pressure to make it more even. Peak pressures will be offloaded and the Center of Gravity line will also show an improvement in dynamic conditions. Podiapro’s orthotic insoles are an excellent way to prevent foot pathologies as they restore normal foot posture.

Here is a list of our insole modules that are custom moulded for your feet:


SPCT Heel Insole

This 6 layered module is useful for pathologies of the rear foot such as heel spurs, Server’s disease, heel pain, plantar faciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, etc. A special polyurethane insert at the heel provides offloading and pain relief.


SPCT Meta Insole

This module is for pathologies of the forefoot such as metatarsalgia, degradation of the metatarsal bar, Morton’s Neuroma. A special polyurethane foam at the forefoot of this insole provides the required offloading and comfort underneath the metatarsal heads.

Diabetic Insole

Diabetic insole

Top-of-the-line diabetic insole for weight pressure offloading and even redistribution. Excellent for protection for diabetic feet, neuropathy and for relief from corns and calluses.Diabetic insoles are extremely important to prevent foot ulcers and wounds in diabetic patients. Please click on the Diabetes link on this page below to know why these are extremely important for anyone suffering from diabetes.

Besides being a preventive therapy, our insoles are rehabilitative and can bring pain relief and comfort to the patients suffering from the below pathologies.

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