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Get Your Feet Scanned

A foot scan helps determine the weight pressure distribution pattern on your feet in static (standing) and dynamic (walking) conditions. This weight pressure distribution map helps determine danger zones on your feet that suffer from excessive loading or excessive pressure and need to be offloaded using our custom insoles. If your arches have collapsed, the areas under the arches usually bear excessive pressure. If you have flat feet, the weight is usually evenly distributed such that even the non-weight bearing areas like the medial side (medial arch zone) and toes start bearing pressure. It is extremely important to offload excessive pressure for diabetic sores like corns, calluses else these may lead to wound and ulcers. Our foot scan helps you with this.

If you don’t have diabetes, you can still get your feet scanned to know how’s your weight being distributed between your left and right feet, between your rear feet and fore feet, your arch type (high, mid, low) and your the direction of center-of-pressure or your gait line as you walk. The movement of center of gravity points on each foot over a period of time indicate your stability. All these parameters indicate overall foot postural health.┬áPlease call us and take an appointment if you need your feet scanned.

The high definition pressure plate has more a little less than 4100 sensors that assess your weight pressure distribution in static and dynamic conditions.

Podiapro foot scan

The above image shows how the center of pressure line while walking shifts more laterally with the use of Podiapro’s insoles.


Podiapro foot scan
The above image shows how the excess weight below the first metatarsal heads in both the feet has got offloaded. The patient was having recurring corns in these areas. He has flat feet as well and after using the insoles, the scan shows the excessive weight pressure on the heels has got offloaded too.


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