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Get Your Feet Scanned

Do you suffer from diabetes? If yes, it is very important for you to know if there are areas in your feet that bear excessively high weight pressure. There’s a chance that if there are areas that receive excessively high pressure over a sustained period of time, they may develop wounds or ulcers, which if do not heal, might require amputation. For more information on risks of diabetes to your foot, please click Diabetes. You can get your feet scanned with our state-of-the-art baropedometer to know if your weight is being evenly distributed or if there is an area that needs weight offloading.

If you don’t have diabetes, you can still get your feet scanned to know how’s your weight being distributed, your arch type (high, mid, low) and your the direction of center-of-pressure as you walk. These indicate overall foot postural health. It is especially useful if you suffer from recurring corns or calluses.

Please call us and take an appointment if you need your feet scanned. We can also have the scanning done at your preferred location if there is a group of people who need they feet scanned.

The high definition pressure plate has more a little less than 4100 sensors that assess your weight pressure distribution in static and dynamic conditions.

Podiapro foot scan

The above image shows how the center of pressure line while walking shifts more laterally with the use of Podiapro’s insoles.

Podiapro foot scan
The above image shows how the excess weight below the first metatarsal heads in both the feet has got offloaded. The patient was having recurring corns in these areas. He has flat feet as well and after using the insoles, the scan shows the excessive weight pressure on the heels has got offloaded too.


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