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Setup Your Clinic

Are you interested in setting up your own custom orthotics center for fabricating orthotic insoles the way we do?
Setup Your Clinic

Get in touch!

We are exclusive dealers for Podiatech in India and will be able to provide you with equipment, resources, training and everything else that you’d need to get up and running.

We are looking to open 50 clinics all over India within the next 3 years and would love to meet you if you’re interested in partnering with us.

Orthotic insoles are a rage in the West and the industry is slated to go through a boom in India as well. 9 out of 10 individuals suffer from some kind of pain or problem that can be either completely or partially alleviated using orthotic insoles.

Hospitals, diabetes clinics, physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation centers can augment their revenue by investing in Podiatech’s technology and giving your customers products that were until now only available abroad and that too at 3 to 4 times the price we offer in India.

The setup cost starts at less than Rs.600000 (six lacs) for establishing a satellite clinic (physiotherapy / orthopedic) having an existing patient flow to less than Rs.1500000 (fifteen lacs) for hospitals or high end sports rehabilitation centers wanting an independent, self-sufficient center expecting a higher patient flow. We will provide with all training necessary for you to get your clinic in operation. Call now – 9892503722.

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