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Our analysis tools are from Podiatech, France. Analysis tools are ideal for verifying clinical diagnosis. They can be used to quantify and archive podiatric assessments. They also allow us to monitor changes in the patient’s biomechanics as a result of extended orthotic use. We are also dealers for the equipment and can help you setup your own insole moulding clinic. Contact us for more information.


The Plexiglass Podoscope is a device for analyzing the foot type (normal / cavus / flat) of the subject being examined. It consists of a crystal surface and a mirror below. Tangential double side lighting optimizes imprint visibility by highlighting areas of foot pressure points.

Download data file here  

Presscam (Baropedometer)

Platform Press-cam V3.0:
Developed for SIDAS, the Presscam enables professionals to combine for the first time a pressure plate and a webcam using the same software. The Press-Cam is designed for static, dynamic and posturology analysis. All analyses are stored on a computer. This is a one-of-a-kind baropedemeter that combines with a web cam to provide a real time display of weight pressure distribution on the soles of your feet..
Download data file here  


The Posturoscope is a device used for analyzing posture in the frontal, posterior and lateral planes.
It comprises the following components:
- An adjustable mirror with a removable horizontal reference marker (the marker can be positioned in 4 ways).
- A plumb line, which hangs in front of the patient, providing a vertical line.
- A grid (red lines on a white background) of 100 x 100mm squares located behind the patient.
Download data file here  

Foot Revelator

A new revolutionary foot measurer! With the feet revelatorâ„¢ you can determine your customer’s foot type and characteristics in an instant.
It not only measures the length and width of any foot but also reveals the footprints thanks to the new Sidas Memory Print technology.
Simple to use: just open and close to erase your customer’s footprints.

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