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Podiatech has state-of-the-art equipment and materials to design and fabricate custom made orthotic insoles of the highest quality. The equipment can be categorized across three groups:


Analysis equipment

These are tools that will help you analyse the foot posture, arch type and weight pressure distribution on the soles of your feet. These tools complement the practitioner’s experience and observation.


Moulding equipment

Our moulding tools are the core of our technology. New age equipment facilitate moulding of an impression in the corrected posture in less than one minute, with no mess or wastage. Using silicon gel and vacuum, our moulding equipment occupies just a small amount of space in your clinic. The most popular combination is the Mobilab II plus Silicon Bags and Vacuum control for large hospitals OR Printlab II + H Lab for smaller clinics.


Grinding equipment

Our grinders are robust with motors made in Germany. We have a wide range of grinders to suit your space and budget constraints.

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