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Custom Insoles

Custom orthotic insoles are specially designed for your feet – based on your foot size, your arch type, your pain points and your weight pressure distribution. Thus they have an edge over pre-fabricated insoles. Pre-fabricated insoles work as well. But we recommend them only when you’re unable to visit one of our centers maybe because you’re in a different city or if you have a budget constraint.

All of our insoles provide comfort and pain relief. However, they can be broadly classified across 3 groups:


These are mainly for pain relief and weight offloading to allow a pathology to heal. If you are suffering from a pathology of the foot like plantar faciitis, achilles tendonitis, metatarsalgia, corn, callus, foot ulcers, heel spur, bunions etc. you might want to consult our team with how can these insoles help.


These are great for those who are actively into one or more sports. Your feet need protection from the shock waves that are generated due to the impact of your feet hitting the ground. We have insoles designed to absorb shock and provide protection for a variety of sports. And these insoles are further customized for your feet so that they adapt to your feet and bring you comfort.


Our comfort insoles are for anyone who needs more comfort in life. They correct over pronation or over suppination and hold your feet in the right posture by holding up your arches. Whether you’re retired and want to enjoy your morning walks better, or you stand for long hours and want to take that extra weight off your heels, these insoles are good for everyone. These insoles are made of materials that offload excessive weight and support your foot to function better.

Comfort insoles
Medical insoles
Sport insoles

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