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Podiapro’s city range of orthotic insoles are designed to provide your feet with cushioning and shock absorption at the heel and under the sensitive balls of your feet, for city shoes. These insoles are low volume and can be used in all kinds of formal shoes. These insoles have a black faux leather top that is anti bacterial treated and are finely cut so that they can fit all kinds of formal shoes and pumps.

We have the below modules that are used mainly for anyone who wants a little more comfort in their shoes. These are the finest modules so that they could fit in almost all shoes.


A very fine insole at the forefoot region, this one comes with a Noene heel pad for shock absorption. A dual layer of resin core facilitates postural support. Useful for both men and women for formal shoes.

 Podiapro City Insole





SPCT City Lady

Specially made for pumps, these insoles are narrow and have an Expertene forefoot pad to provide cushioning to the metatarsal region as that’s where all the pressure is loaded when walking in heels.

Podiapro insole for high heels 






SPCT Child – for boys and girls

For kids, a comfortable module with a poron heel insert with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal surface treatment done to the top layer. Has a single layer of resin so it doesn’t hurt their tender feet.

Child orthotic insoles

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