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About Us

Podiapro is a pioneer in the field of custom orthotic insoles. We aim to set up multiple clinics all over India to be able to help millions of men, women and children enjoy their lives a little more. Our orthotic insoles will change the way you walk. Or the way you run or play a sport. By redistributing weight on the soles of your feet more evenly, you will feel light when you’re on your feet. By helping align your ankle, knee and hip, these insoles will provide relief from pain in your lower extremities and your spine.

Podiapro is the exclusive Indian partner of French podiatry specialists – Podiatech. We source all equipment, material and know-how from Podiatech. Podiatech has been founded on the core values of passion and performance, innovation, commitment. They provide only the best when it comes to foot care and foot science.

Podiatech is extremely committed to environmentally friendly business practices and they make a concerted effort to minimize their impact on the environment. They follow an eco-sensitive approach during the entire product life cycle right from the procurement to the packaging stages.

 Team Podiapro

Podiapro comprises people who are extremely passionate about this technology and believe this is it!

Rushabh Shah

Rushabh learnt about this technology while on a visit to France. A fitness enthusiast and martial artist, he ruptured his ankle ligament while learning Parkour. After a cast for a month and weeks of physiotherapy, he was able to walk with ease. However, running was extremely painful and not fun at all. That’s when he got a pair of orthotic insoles designed for his feet. To his pleasant surprise, running was less painful and a lot more comfortable. He would look forward to his daily run more than ever before. This was the impetus for getting the technology to India. Now, Rushabh takes care of product development, innovation and brand development. In his spare time, he learns parkour and runs on the beach.

Debasis Pani

Debasis heads the technical aspect of our business. He is a senior Orthotist & Prosthetist. He has a passion for podiatry and sports biomechanics. He is involved with product design and fabrication, R&D and bringing pain relief to our customers. He strives to mould optimal orthoses for every customer. He is brilliant at what he does.

At the moment, he does not have any spare time. But when he does have some, you’ll see him on a ground, hitting the ball for a six every now and then.

Arjun Gavhale

Arjun is an Orthotist & Prosthetist from the All India Institute of Physical Medical Rehabilitation, Mumbai. He has interest in podiatry, biomechanics and shoemaking. He loves to see his patients feeling better with the insoles and takes a lot of interest in fabricating each pair of orthotics to perfection. In his spare time, he likes to work on his personal fitness.

Hina Bharti

Hina is an Orthotist & Prosthetist from the All India Institute of Physical Medical Rehabilitation, Mumbai. She single-handedly manages and runs our center in Bangalore. She’s extremely disciplined and committed to her patients and strives to bring them satisfaction.

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